Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sassy Sunday Slightly Delayed

Dear Life,

Since my husband's birthday was Sunday...I tried my best to look extra sassy....gotta keep the home fires burning...Wink Wink!

Cute right?  Since I have the LONGEST legs ever...I have the hardest time finding the right length skirt...this one was on clearance on Lane Bryant and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Check out the little half boots...also Lane Bryant and SUPER CUTE!  I never used to be able to find shoes my size...much less my width.  Size 11 thank you very much children....(yes they have grown after my kids...used to be an 8 1/2) and wide.  I wore these ALL day and they never hurt me!  YES!

Now...if you know me you can attest to the fact that I am a glitter girl.  How can I not be living in such a testosterone filled home?  Check out this beautiful sweater....it's so comfy...and it has a little sparkle.  I love it!
Did you catch the little bling at the neckline of my blouse?  Yeah...can't help it!

New glasses after 4 1/2 years too!!!!  YAY for being able to see again

Boo for almost having to get bifocals!!!  What's THAT about?

From...A Mom of Boys!

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  1. Girl!! You look good! So cute! Love the outfit boots glasses and you!!

  2. cutie pie. i am not as brave as you. i hate having my pic taken, let alone showing off my lame outfits. today i realized that i should put more effort into my appearance for a few reasons: 1) for ME; 2) for my hubby; 3) for my sons! I don't want my boys to grow up with a slob of a mom. I want them to think I'm the most beautiful princess they know...especially since i'm the only girl in the house. Time to beautify myself! and p.s. i still want to go to sephora with you someday, so lets make a date!


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