Monday, January 16, 2012

My treasure

Dear Life,

It's coming.  I'm happy about it and so proud.  But I'm also sad to see that the time has come and is going quicker than I can blink an eye.  This:

is now this:

I used to be his world and he was my Disneyland buddy:

Now I'm not the center of his universe anymore and when we go to Disneyland together he goes his way and I go mine:

My baby is graduating High School in June and then we are taking him to Hawaii for school.

Time flies......treasure each moment.  Treasure the joy they bring....treasure the voyage...and remember the happiness when dealing with the difficult.  Because just when the difficult starts getting easy....your treasure leaves you.  And your memories are what you will be left with.  

I hope he remembers to call, text or facebook his dear mom.  

From....A Mom of Boys...who's hoping THIS gets easier!


  1. sniff! Stop it already - you are making me soo sad! Love that boy every day you have left. Hug him, kiss him, tell him you love him! Why do they have to grow up? Beautiful tribute to an amazing young man.


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