Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I love this boy...and I'm grateful for JOY

Dear life,

See this boy?  Isn't he adorable?  Doesn't his smile melt your heart?  He melts my heart every single day. And he makes me crazy every day too!  Equal opportunity boy!

He's one of those boys that are super smart, has answers for everything and can talk his way out of a paper bag.  
Yeah...he's a teenager.  
Today when I was getting frustrated with him, I remembered in my head that I was trying to FIND JOY...I remembered my clicker. (see here)  I knew the only way I could find joy in arguing with a teenager was to act like an adult.  
WHAT???? ME?????  
Why do I always have to act like an adult?  

Wait a minute...what about all that joy stuff I was talking about...was that all talk?  

That made me pause....and because I really didn't have a good solution without strangling my son....I took the chicken way out.  I called my husband...told him  everything and asked him very nicely to handle it.  
And he did.  
There was no fight, argument or drama because my husband is WAY more easygoing and NICE than I am.

Well that was easy.  And I was still able to communicate with my son without wanting to crawl into a corner and cry.  We even talked about the issues that I was upset about.... and I didn't yell. Once.  
Thank you clicker.  
You gave me pause. 

Which gave me joy by default. 



  1. This is awesome. Good for you!!

    1. Thanks Jen....I haven't been as good about it this week...this is a tough daily battle I think! :)


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