Saturday, June 23, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Risk

Dear Life,

It's five minute Friday....and the topic is goes!


Risk is a tricky thing.  It's scary to try something step outside of  your box.
What if you fail.
What if you get made fun of.
What if you can't do what you are trying to do.
Why try?
Why make the effort.
Staying within the boundaries of the norm is easy....comfortable.
It's also binding, restricting, and limiting.
Taking a risk is chancy....but wonderful things can happen when you climb out of your safety box, open up your wings, and fly.  When you jump off the ledge from safety, you SOAR.  You stomach drops, you might even think you will puke, but once you realize there's no going can allow yourself to feel the live and challenge yourself.  Chances are opportunities will start coming your way....challenges will become triumphs....and will discover something about yourself.  That you CAN do things...even hard things....and that you can and should take a risk.  Because maybe, just maybe the risk is the same old same old stuff.  Maybe the risk is not reaching, learning, growing, doing.  Maybe the risk is when you do the same things over and memory.  You risk letting life pass you risk letting your life stay stagnant.
I'm ready to fly....are you?


Five Minute Friday


  1. The ending of your post is so apt.
    Visiting fro 5 minutes Friday.

  2. Wow, I so needed to hear this. The mundane every day things and distractions with the girls causes so much to slip by me. I get so distracted that I don't even notice what's going on around me sometimes. Thanks for the reminder. :)


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