Saturday, September 15, 2012's Five Minute Friday

Dear Life,

It's that time.....Five minute Friday....and my's Sunday.  Better late than never!

Here are the rules in case you forgot...and if you are reading this and decide to participate...please let me know...I would love to read your post! :)

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, 
no backtracking.
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Theme: FOCUS


When I hear the word Focus my mind immediately goes to the movie Finding Nemo.  Remember when Crush was talking to Nemo saying "Dude....dude.....focus dude..." after he blacked out?  I love that turtle Crush.  He always makes me laugh!  And dude....have I been needing to focus.  At the beginning of this year, my youngest child had MAJOR hip surgery  (You can read about it here) (and here) was twelve hours long...and traumatic.  He ended up in a Spica Cast for two months....and then he broke his femur right after that...and was BACK in a Spica Cast for another month.  So needless to say the beginning of this year I was NOT in focus.  I was in green cast HELL.  My poor sweet boy was very limited to what he could do, I was limited because of the impossibility of his cast, and our whole family was kind of floating along....surviving....but missing out on some things.  I feel like Crush has just found me floating and said "Dude....Dude.....focus Dude" and I have finally woken up from the daze and I'm back in the mommy groove.  Back in the homework grove, the school grove, the checking of backpack groove, the clean your room groove, etc etc etc.  (I am still lacking in the laundry groove...but I do despair with that one).  My little one is having another surgery this week....but it is much less invasive and I am praying that we have learned a little something from earlier in the year.  MUST FOCUS on my WHOLE family.  And when I can't focus....I need to find the strength and the peace to have the ability to focus.  


Five Minute Friday


  1. thanks for the reminder to pray when I lose focus! I hope and pray your child's surgery goes well!
    -visiting from five minute fridays!-

  2. Lessons from a turtle. A Disney Aussie turtle at that. :)


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