Monday, September 10, 2012

Tuesday Ten....

Dear Life,

I am following a prompt from one of my favorite blogs

The prompt is the ten things I want to do before 2013. 
SOOOO here goes:
1.  I want to start walking regularly.
2. I want to drink more water and less diet coke.
3. I want to be sillier more often.
4. I want to take pictures of my kids every day.
5. I want to remind my husband that I treasure him every day.
6. I want to go to the beach once a week by myself.
7. I want to walk in the rain.
8. I want to made a difference.
9. I want our homestudy to be done for our adoption.
10. I want to LOVE my life EVERY day!

What would your list look like?  Link up here:


  1. Great list :) My trick for #2 is that I got a super cute cup or mug or water bottle that is just for water. I love my water cup and keep it at my desk with me and I drink much more water when I have that cup around! Good luck with your list!

    1. Thank you Veronica....I need help......I haven't even begun the water journey much less the walking!!

  2. This is a beautiful list! Thank you for linking up!

  3. Hey your #1 and # 2. I just started walking my dog yesterday. I need to get out of the house. Hopefully I can keep it up. Diet Coke ... oh my goodness. I admit I'm addicted. In fact i have a post on just that my two favorites....Peanut Butter and Diet Coke. I know I should drink more water and less Diet Coke, but at least I don't smoke or drink. Going to check out your blog .. Where do you live? Hawaii? Thanks for linking up. This is my first co-hosting.

    1. You, Becky, are my new best had me at Diet Coke and Peanut Butter! :) I like in Southern California!


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