Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I wish I knew then...

Dear Life,

I am linking up with Lena for the Tuesday Ten....

Her topic is 

10 Things You Wish You Knew 10 Years Ago

1.  I wish I knew how quickly time goes.  (Enjoy the time you have with your children...each and every day)

2.  I wish I knew how to forgive easier.  (Time is wasted on anger and hate. Love and understanding makes life easier...and happier)

3.  I wish I knew how to realize that everyone has a story...and you can't judge anyone.  (Everyone has a reason for who they are and why they make certain choices.)

4.  I wish I knew my mother in law wouldn't be here.  (I would have spent more time hanging out with her and less time being frustrated with her.)

5.  I wish I would have gone away with my husband more often.  (Who knew we would have a baby with extra's...makes it harder to have a get-away.)

6.  I wish I would have saved more money.  (Never imagined my hubby having a career change.)

7.  I wish I would have finished school back then.  (How on earth do I go to school when I have kids going to college?)

8.  I wish I would have been happier with who I was then.  (Gotta love who you are...and be your very best you at every stage.)

9.  I wish I would have started blogging a long time ago.  (Was there even blogs ten years ago???)

10.  I wish we would have traveled.  (Ten years ago we had less kids...would have been way easier!)

Now a few things to say to me in the future....


  1. What a FANTASTCI list! Number 4 especially got me - I spend quite alot of time being frustrated with my MIL...I never thought of it that way. And I am really working on #2 - forgiveness is so much better that bitterness :) Happy Tuesday!

    1. Thank you! My mother in law made me crazy but she was awesome. I miss her every day. I like your quote...Forgiveness is so much better than bitterness...awesome

  2. Awesome list!!
    I was wondering about that too... did people blog back then? Seems so long ago! lol!
    Thank you so much for linking up! ♥

  3. People TOTALLY blogged ten years ago, only it was called "Online Jounaling" I follow 2-3 blogs that I first started reading in 1997 and 1998 that still blog today! I had my first "online journal" in 1997 and another in 2000-2003. Link lists and forums were to the online journaling world what twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds are today :o)


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