Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spina Bifida Awareness Day 3- Brendan's Story

Dear Life,

I am so excited to share the next story.  There are a few boys that are Kumaka's age that we  feel very close to.  Brendan is one of those boys...and actually our two boys have become best friends. (Not to mention that Brendan's mommy Stephanie is so dear to my heart.)  

"Our son Brendan turned 5 in March.  When I was 20

 weeks  pregnant, I went in for a routine ultrasound to find 

out the sex of the baby.  We had our 3 other children there

in the room with us when we were told that our baby boy

had spina bifida.   The doctors gave us all of the worst-case

 scenarios and told us that we had the option to terminate. 

 We never considered that as an option for even a second, 

but honestly, I was in shock, and we were devastated, and 

terrified.  I worried about all the "what-ifs" and agonized 

 over what my little man would have to endure. 

I also  thought, "How could I

possibly care for all of his 

needs and still be able to be a

 good mommy and wife."  I 

spent all my time scouring the

internet for information, and 

stumbled upon a group of 

fabulous parents who had 

been there and done that, with 

regards to Spina Bifida.  

Suddenly, I had become part of this family that I hadn't 

known existed and they became my life-line, my support, 

and some of my dearest friends.  ♥

Fast forward 5 years, and I am constantly in awe of this

 amazing kid that we have been blessed with!  He is so

 much fun, incredibly smart and such a charmer! 

 His brother and sisters adore him,

 and every person he meets is

 his new best friend.  He loves

 motorcycles, the color orange, star 

wars and legos.  Currently, his 

favorite sport is crushing the little 

black beetles in the front yard with 

his arm crutches. 

He is strong 



His motto is: 

"I can do hard things!" 

He proves this daily 

as he accomplishes all 

those things the doctors said he'd 

never do.

My advice for future parents of children with SB....  take a

deep breath- you CAN do this! 

Pregnancy was the hardest part

for me because I wanted definite 

answers and the doctors could 

only guess.  I look back on all of 

the time I wasted worrying 

about things out of my control.  

Yes, we've faced a few hurdles 

and weathered a few surgeries 

and hospital stays, but I 

wouldn't trade my little man for 


Your life, your family's lives, and the lives of  every one

your child comes into contact with will be richly blessed! 

And remember, you aren't alone on your journey...

your SB family will be with you, supporting you, the whole 



  1. Awwww... thanks Tracy! I know I wrote this, but it still made me cry when I read it on here! haha! Maybe it's just because I let you talk me into posting a huge pregnant picture??? :)

    Love you and your boy!♥

    Steph :)

  2. Great post! One of my favorite families!

  3. Awesome <3 love it, love your awareness month!


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