Thursday, June 20, 2013

Seems like

Dear Life,

Where did the year go?  

Seems like just yesterday I put my baby on the bus to go to Kindergarten.

Now he's off to summer camp and skating at skate parks. 

Seems like I just watched my tenth grader go off to his second year of high school.

And now he's sixteen, can date, and has a job!

Seems like we just went through a high school graduation.  

Now he's working, driving, and never around to take pictures of. 

(Seriously folks, this is all I can get now)

Seems like our fifth grader was just beginning his last year of elementary.

Now he's off to middle school....and already knows he wants to work with animals when he grows up.

Seems like our shy boy was just starting out his seventh grade year. 

Now he's off to basketball camp at Cal State Long Beach and running 5ks with his brother.

Seems like yesterday....and yet another school year has gone by.  

There has been some tremendous growth this year for my boys.

There has also been many challenges to face.

I am so very proud of them....

And blessed to be their mom. 


Time to enjoy the summer!

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