Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Be the Change

Dear Life,

Now that we've talked about Spreading Sunshine (See post before this one), lets talk about Being the Change.

This summer, we attended a skate event called "Skate for a Cause" hosted by The Sheckler Foundation.  We were there to support our friend Madison with Peach's Neet Feet.

 It was so exciting to see so many skaters out there having fun doing what they do and raising money to help organizations like Peach's Neet Feet dream bigger and do more in the communities they serve.

The next day our family was able to be there to support a few of our friends when they received their new Peach's Neet Feet shoes delivered by some of the skaters on the board of The Sheckler Foundation.  It was beautiful to see our new friends meet these skate legends and get to spend some time with them.  

A few of the kids, Kumaka included, was able to skate that day.  There are a few pictures that I want to share because I was really touched by the symbolism of the moment.  

In this series of pictures you will see some things.

A professional skater.
A boy in a wheelchair.
A father.
A large ramp.

What do you see?

A professional skater?
A father?
A boy in a wheelchair?
A large ramp?

I saw all of those things too.
This is what else I saw.

A father trusting that young man up there to catch his son.
A boy in a wheelchair wanting to skate like every other kid.
A professional skater reaching out to that boy and giving him a hand.

In one arm, Ryan was holding one of my biggest treasures, the other he held his wheelchair.

He settled him in, gave him some tips and off Kumaka went.  

He made it down that ramp.

And Ryan Sheckler was the change. 

I'm not sure that Ryan realizes how symbolic this series of pictures is.

I'm not sure he realizes that THIS is how you "Be The Change".

Physically changing something for the better.  

Kumaka had a wonderful time that day.

Not because he was hanging out with Ryan Sheckler.

But because a skater took the time to reach up his hand and help him out.  

Please take the time to visit The Sheckler Foundation website and support their mission.  They are doing amazing things in the community.

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