Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Dear Life,

How do you mend a broken heart and a broken spirit?  How do you help someone understand that there is hope when they feel hopeless?  How do you show love to someone who feels unloveable?  How do you show someone that they have worth when they look in the mirror and see nothing?

Someone dear to my heart is struggling with these emotions, struggling while awake and struggling while asleep.  There is no rest, there is no relief.  There is only a pervasive heaviness like a weighted blanket on a hot summer day.  Nightmares at night.  Wakes up to paralyzing fear.  Nightmares during the day.  

This heart that is so loving, so giving, so genuine, and is now broken.   A heart that is so delicate,  has now turned into finely spun glass, and is now breaking into slivers all over. 

This quiet, gentle spirit, amazing old soul, has fractured and is no longer whole.

On the outside no one can tell.
No one sees.
But the turmoil on the inside rages on while awake and while sleeping.
There is no rest.

Only heartbreak.

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