Friday, October 23, 2015

Bravest warrior of them all

I know a lot of warrior boys.  I knew I had one warrior in my life.  But I didn't know I had another warrior in my home.  

He's quiet.
And he's shy.
And he's an amazing basketball player.
And he's trapped.
He's trapped by another person.
A person only he can see.
A person that tells him he's a failure.
A person that tells him he can't do anything.
A person that tells him he's no good.
He's battling this person every day.
Without a weapon.
With pure guts.
And the love of his family.

Every day he battles this person.
Every minute.
And every day we hug him.
We remind him of our love for him.
We try to make him laugh.
And we try to make the other person a little smaller.

Today my warrior decided he would share his story.
Maybe in sharing his story his armor can be a little stronger.
Maybe his story can help another person.

I am so proud of my warrior.
It's so scary to share your story.
But he said it was ok.
He doesn't want to be alone anymore.
Mental illness is real.
And my warrior is battling a very serious mental illness.
And he needs everyone to love him and support him.
We are getting him the help he needs.  
Just as my other warrior has a village, this warrior needs a village too.

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  1. We know this battle well, Tracy. You are not alone. Your warrior is not alone. Katie has decided to be open about her battle with depression and anxiety, and it helps her. It hurts so much as mom to see your child's inability to see the wonderful aspects of themselves and accept his or herself. If love could heal mental illness, our children would never have suffered. Going to Peach Parties and being able to serve others in a meaningful has been a gift to Katie and given her moments of incredible light and joy. I hope she reaches out to you and shares her story with you. You have our love and support for all the battles ahead.


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