Thursday, March 17, 2016


Dear Life,

I want to share progress my tall one has made.
I would love for all of you that have read about his heartbreaking diagnosis, those of you that have kept him in your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes, to be able to REJOICE with us. 
August is when things started going south in a bad way.
His anxiety was at an all time high, and he started to become extremely depressed.
He wouldn't leave the house.
October we found out about the psychosis episodes.
That was three months of pure hell.
He was not even able to communicate to the therapist or psychiatrist.
School was not happening.
Basketball was not happening.
His life seemed like it was falling apart.
In reality, it was.
As we read about his diagnosis in the beginning, we felt like we would never get our boy back.
We were scared he would never come back to us fully.
We were scared he would never find joy again.
6 months later, and a LOT of HARD HARD work by many many people, and we have our boy back.
He is on the proper medications (finally).
He is now at school FULL TIME!!!!!!!!!
He works out with his basketball team every day (at the gym and on the court).
He had his first basketball game last weekend (since the summer time) and did great.
He is eating healthier, going to sleep at a good time, and is generally happier. 
His anxiety level is now at a 2.  
A TWO people!!!!!!

We never gave up on him.
We never sent him away.
We just loved him hard.
We loved him unconditionally.
Even when he told us he wanted to give up (because the fight was SOOOOO dang hard) we pushed him.
We encouraged him.
We gave him goals.
Now he has goals again.
And he's working his tail off.

We are rejoicing!
We understand that his fight is ongoing.
But we are finally seeing progress. 
And it's huge.


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  1. Such great progress! Makes me happy for him and the whole family. I wish all the kids I've known who struggled with mental health issues or just extreme emotional anxiety had such a loving family unit. :)


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