Friday, October 28, 2011

Good think I took my head out of the covers......

Dear Life,

Normally I keep Kumaka's Spina Bifida stuff on his caringbridge......but today was too good to keep in one forgive the double post.....

Dear Spina Bifida,

You roared into our life 5 years threatenedus, and our unborn son.  You made us feel smalluneducated, and oh so scared.  You made us question so many things, and wonder how we could go on this journey.  You thought you were sofierce.

I am here to tell you that although you try to do your best to wreak havoc, you underestimated one thing.
   The spirit of the boy.  
You may try to ravage his body, but his spirit remains.  His smiles, his laughs, his joy, you can never ever take from him.  
His legs may be weak, and they may not obey his commands....
But he has strength inside that you can never compete with.  He takes challenges head on....he told me he would walk when he got big.

He happily strapped into his Forrest Gump looking RGO, locked in, stood up, and was AMAZED at himself in the mirror....standing there alone.....STANDING....
He was so happy to be tall...and to move side to side WITHOUT ASSITANCE and take a few steps.  They weren't big...and it wasn't easy....BUT YOU DID NOT WIN!!!!!  HE WON!
He will not take no for an answer.  He will do what he wants to do.  AND HE WILL ENJOY IT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

We have wasted days and days being sad....we plan on looking forward with bated breath as we watch what he CAN AND WILL crawl away.....because we are not afraid anymore.

From....A Mom of Boys!


  1. way to go Kumaka!!!!

    we love you and are glad you are in our life.

  2. Hooray! What a sweet post and awesome for your little man!! :):) Have a great weekend! :) xo, Reannah


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