Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Going to stick my head under the covers...

Dear Life,

Today was one of those days...I'm going to stick my head under the covers....
And Pray that tomorrow is better. wasn't all bad.  I got to have a delicious breakfast with one of my dear friends to celebrate my birthday.  I got to snuggle with my little guy this afternoon.

 My kids did their homework today.

BUT....I started getting sick today.  WHICH STINKS.

And my sweet little boy who just happens to use a wheelchair full time told me very matter of factly "I am going to walk when I get bigger Mom!"  He's almost five...and he can't bear his own weight.  And the likelihood isn't great that he will walk.  And I am ok with that....I'm just not sure how to explain all of it to him.  I don't have to yet....but that time is coming.  So I'm going to stick my head under the covers....and wish I didn't have to.  Hey, a girl can live in denial once in awhile right?

From....A Mom of Boys!

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