Saturday, October 22, 2011

Modern Medicine amazes me

Dear Life,

I have to thank you right now for modern medicine....and the continued advancements being made.  Because of a yearly mammogram (have you had yours done yet?) three weeks ago, my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  They told her she had a very small lump.

She saw the specialist, who told her it was stage one.  All of her health care professionals are amazed they found was that small.  Yesterday, she had outpatient surgery, they took out the lump and she went home virtually painlessly.  The prep was more of a pain than the procedure.  Thank you modern medicine for making things so easy.  The reason it was so small is because she has yearly mammograms.  (Guess I need to make my appointment...just turned forty after all!)

The other reason modern medicine amazes me is because I have a son with Spina Bifida.  He is four and he is amazing!  Isn't he cute?  You can learn more about him here:
Without a shunt to redirect the excessive fluid in his brain he probably wouldn't be here.  Without a surgery at birth to close the lesion on his back he definitely wouldn't be here.

I am so grateful to those scientists and doctors who are smart enough to make discoveries, to find cures, to create surgeries and procedures to correct things and make life easier...and possible.  Sometimes I get mad at doctors because I don't like what they have to say.  But the good ones, the ones who care, they rock my world!  Thank you life, for giving us these amazing people.  They make life better daily!

From.....A Mom of Boys!!

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