Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Dear Life,

Do you think I feel a sense of  entitlement when I  expect a children's venue be accessible to wheelchairs and differently abled children?

Is it possible you don't know that my son can play at a gym too?  Is it ok that my son is not welcome at a kids gym because he rolls instead of walks?  Is it because you feel he's a liability?  Is it because his wheels will make your gym dirty?  I looked over all the fun places that typically abled children go for their parties.  Most of them have different sections that would not be feasible for my wheelin' kid.  I cried. I got mad. Why should it matter. Why does he have to sit on the sidelines just because his legs work differently?

If you know him, you know he does NOT allow anyone to sideline him.  He is always in the thick of everything.  He is with his brothers running to the neighbors and having fun.  He knows all of the teenagers at church by name.  And they know his.

I want to have a fun birthday party for him......and I am offended that I have to ask if you are handicapped accessible before I plan.  Ridiculous!

Luckily....I found the Santa Ana Zoo and it looks like SOOOO much fun.  A train ride, a zoo day, and lunch.  Perfect, right?

When I get rich, I am going to start a gym that is accessible for EVERYONE!!!!

Does this look like a kid who can't play at a gym???

From....A Mom Of Boys!

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