Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Strength of a Woman

Dear Life,

Thank you for bringing strong women into my life.  Thank you for giving me a grandmother who is one of the strongest.  She has what I call "Pioneer Stock".  She could have been a pioneer woman and been just fine.  As it is, she grew up as a child during the depression and watched boys she grew up with go off to serve in World War 2.  She's a no nonsense kind of woman, and she lives to serve others.  At one point in her life, she wanted to go on a mission.  She never did, but she has served her community, her church, and her family beyond any woman I have ever seen.  Her marriage to my grandfather was the example I held in my heart and continue to hold in my heart.
She now lives alone, my grandfather left this earth five years ago.  But she does not stay home....she does what she would normally do.  But she is having to fight a battle.  The breast cancer battle.  As I listened to her talk about what may happen....radiation every day for five weeks...and possibly chemo....I was amazed to hear her sound receptive to what the doctors are offering her.  I used to think she was preparing her life to move on to the next...but today I heard something different.  I heard her preparing to move be with us longer.  That made me happy.  It also put me more in awe of her strength.  I pray that I can give her an ounce of the strength she has always given my family.

Grandma and Keoni three years ago
My sister Tara, Grandma and Me

Thank you for giving me a Grandma with a Pioneer Spirit.  


A Mom of Boys

PS She would be so mad if she saw this post.....hee hee kinda glad she hasn't caught on to newfangled technology!

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