Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bloggy Sisterhood

Dear Life,

I resisted being a blogger and reading blogs for years.  I did NOT want to get sucked into it.  I had heard from friends that there was so much out there that it's so challenging to not be on the computer all day.

But one day I felt prompted to write.  About whatever.  As much as I can.  Hopefully once a day.

I hope I haven't bored you all.  I'm trying to be real, and to share my journey and at the same time finding out just who I am again.

I had no idea in the meantime that I would find some amazing women that just in the short time I've been doing this that inspire me for different reasons.  Some for sharing their life journey's which are similar to mine...some for sharing their crafts that I just drool over....some for sharing their fashion....some for sharing their wit.  I am truly enjoying blogging, and for the kind words I have received lately.  I am also grateful to read over and over again by all kinds of women that I am not alone.

That my kids act up...and so do yours.
That I get discouraged...and so do you.
That I have things to work on...and so do you.
That you have dreams and aspirations and you're working on them now...not waiting for tomorrow.
Amazing women that all have a story....and share them a piece at a time.  I love this sisterhood.  Thank you for welcoming me into it.

From...A Mom of Boys


  1. I LOVE your blog and I am SO inspired by YOU! So glad you are writing. You have a gift. Love you friend!XO

  2. i have a love-hate relationship with blogging! but i always love reading your is REAL and has inspired me to get real on my own blog. thanks! xoxo

  3. U know my situation w/ blogging :( LOL... but I LOVE reading your ;) keep it up!!! And I can live vicariously through u ;)


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