Saturday, January 28, 2012


Dear Life,

Why oh why are you giving me anxiety at this point in my life?
Not full blown panic attack anxiety, only the you will have nightmares every night anxiety.

Kumaka is scheduled to have a very major surgery in a week.  His hip is out of socket, so his ortho has to reshape the bones, put them in place, using pins, screws etc.  His right leg is also not quite right, so he's going to check on that side too while he's in there.

It's invasive.
 It's long.
 5-6 hours.
 That's long.
 That will last all day long.
 In my head it will feel like an eternity.

There is all kinds of things I have to worry about....and apparently am.
Every night.
When I am trying to sleep.

I'm tired.
Very tired.

And my boy got a cold today.

I need to pray...a lot.  And I need lots of prayers headed my way. tired mom of boys.


  1. I would probably be feeling the same way. I pray everything goes smoothly and that you get some much needed rest. HUGS!

    1. Thank you Salena....I know everything will be's just hard right before when there are so many what if's swirling in my brain!

  2. Dear Tracey,

    I know just how you feel. When Evan had his spinal fusion it was terrifying. Long surgery, lots of possible complications. However, six months down the road we finally realized despite the challenges we faced through that surgery, it was a great benefit to his life. Sometimes, you just have to go through the hard things to gain something better. The other things I have learned through all the medical challenges we have faced is that these young people are such incredible troopers. It is always amazing to me the faith of my young son. And no matter what the Lord is control. We just have to place our children in His loving and trusted care. I know it's not easy. I will pray for the surgery to go well and for you feel peace. hugs,Cindy

    1. I know Kumaka will amaze me yet again...and I know it's in the Lord's hands. This mama just needs to REMEMBER this when I get anxious. :) Thanks for your friendship!


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