Monday, January 23, 2012

A boy becomes a Man

Dear Life,

This is a big year for my oldest boy.
He's a senior in high school.
He's moving to Hawaii to go to college.
And he's recently become an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America.

He has been a Boy Scout for 6 years.  Over that time, he has camped many hours, served many hours of community service, and worked hard to earn over 25 merit badges.

He worked on an amazing Eagle Scout project; he made a wooden easel and art supply cabinet and collected art items for the Ronald McDonald House in Orange, California.


He had to serve in leadership positions within the troop for 6 months, and finally had to have a board of review with three members of the Boy Scout Council.  It was not easy.  He's a very shy young man, and he has a  bit of anxiety.  It's a challenge for him to make phone calls because he gets flustered when he doesn't feel like he knows the answers to questions.  (Usually he doesn't think to listen to the question...he blurts out "I don't know" before he figures out he might know the answer).  He had so much anxiety about having to call the person in charge of advancements to schedule his board of review he told me he wasn't going to finish.  All he had to do was have the interview.  I hounded him, we argued, and for 5 months we went back and forth with it.  Even the day of his board of review, he wanted to go back home and just forget it.  He was very nervous, but he went in there and did his best.  We were not in there with him, one of his leaders went in with him to introduce him, and then he came out and waited with us.  Keoni came out an Eagle Scout.  We are very proud of him.  His court of honor was a week ago, and I was very touched by a story told by that very leader.

 He told him that one of the Scout Council members pulled him aside afterwards, and said that Keoni really impressed him.  He said that he has seen a lot of boys and he really felt that Keoni embodied what a scout is.  I was shocked to hear this, especially after the challenge we had to get him to finish.  Mal also told us that as he was introducing Keoni, Keoni interrupted him, put out his hand and introduced himself.
Keoni ducked his head when Mal was telling this, probably thinking that he did something wrong.  I don't think he understood that Mal was letting everyone  know that Keoni is turning into a man....and he is learning to handle himself well.  That was an amazing moment for me...I knew how hard it was for him.  I am so proud of him.  It was amazing to see how many people came to see our son achieve the highest honor in scouting.  The people there all really care about him and his family.  There was no one there that felt like they had to be there..except maybe the Mayor...and I think Keoni was touched by the outpouring of love.  I know I was.  Keoni is the very first Eagle Scout in our whole family.....and I hope he is not the last.

 I know he is becoming an example to the other boys in his troop...and I hope they know how very very special this honor is.

These men have helped my son become a man..and I am so grateful!

 From...A Proud Mom of Boys!


  1. Congratulations!! Eagle Scout is an awesome accomplishment. (All three of our boys are Eagles) What a wonderful example he is setting for his younger brothers.

    1. Wow Cindy...that's a great accomplishment that ALL of your boys are Eagle. :)

  2. That gave me chills! Thank you for sharing. You must be SO INCREDIBLY proud of him. And pat yourself on the back too for raising him to be the man he is today. Wonderful. My dad is a eagle scout and my brother and I were both scouts. It's such a wonderful organization. I hope Noah wants to be in scouts. Sabelle is in Daisy Scouts this year and started selling cookies this week and is loving being in scouts already.
    Such a great accomplishment. :)

    1. Thank you Julie....put Noah in as a cub...they love that stuff!!!! If you guys lived closer I would so be getting my cookie on with you!

  3. What an incredible story! I am not familiar with Eagle scouts but what a great transformation and honor!

    1. Salena...Out of the boy scout program, 4 out of 100 boys will become Eagle. It's pretty amazing.

  4. Congratulations to Keoni! I love his project!


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