Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thoughts from yesterday's events

Dear Life,

I just have to say that  my life has been touched my a child I will likely never see again.  Last night I was so sad to see this boy so alone.  Where were his friends?  Why was he out so late at night on a weeknight?  What drove him to get drunk?  I didn't see a teenager in a lot of trouble, I saw a little boy.   I sat there last night thinking about this boy, and then my own children sitting next to me.  My boys were coming straight from church...they had just had fun messing around with their friends...they auditioned...and then they had a big night of camping that they were looking forward to this weekend.  Behind me was a young man freezing, alone, and completely wasted out of his head.  As I thought of this, I thought this boy was not alone.  For whatever reason, I truly believe that God put me there to make sure he got home. I have never ever shopped at that store....I almost went to the store across the street, but felt impressed to go to that one. It crossed my mind to call the police, but I dismissed that idea.  I don't know what happened after I dropped him off, but I'm grateful I was there...and I'm grateful my boys got to see up close and personal what life is like for some kids and that people need to have compassion for others.  I'm also grateful for the reminder...that no matter how upset I get with my matter what wrongs they have done....they are great kids and I need to really remember this always. It's so easy to blow things out of proportion, and focus on the issues your kids are having, but it should be the other way around.  I should focus on the things that make my kids amazing and wonderful and build those attributes up.

This whole episode reminded me of this photo by  Greg Olsen :  Isn't it amazing?  Here is the story behind it:

I recently received an e-mail from a young man who expressed his discouragement at not being able to find many images of the Savior with teenagers. He noted that he had seen many paintings depicting Christ with loveable little children, but rarely had he found his age group represented in such a setting. This young man closed his message with these heartfelt words: “What about us?” Many of us have probably asked a similar question. What about me? Who doesn’t love little children with all their precious innocence and charm? But what about those of us that may not feel as lovable; those of us who may have struggled and lost our way, or who have wandered paths that have left us worn and doubting our worth? Thankfully, Christ’s love carries no conditions and is extended in full measure, especially to those who feel lost and forgotten.

Greg Olsen - 2003

Praying for that boy and his family....and praying that I can remember to focus on the positive amazing things my boys do and NOT focus on the fighting, backsassing, complaining etc they do.  Our children are amazing...and we have been entrusted to care for them.  I don't know about you, but  I have a lot of work to do.

 From...A Mom of Boys


  1. Tracy, I read your story right before I left yesterday and I could not stop thinking about it. You are doing an amazing job with all those sweet boys! Thank you for sharing that picture and sharing that story. My prayers go out to that boy and his mother. XO
    p.s. see you soon! Yay!!

  2. i too believe you were inspired to be there to help him... you were an instrument in God's hands, and helped that boy, but HE also used the boy, as an instrument to help you. I can see how it has affected you and how you are refocusing your attention to the GOOD in your boys and not the bad. thank you for sharing! xoxoxo


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