Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sassy Sunday.....two weeks ago

Dear Life....

We have been crazy the past month.  During the holidays not only were we trying to focus on Christmas, but we were trying to organize Keoni's Eagle Court of Honor.  That was last night.  I can breath now.  So I'm catching up.  This is Sassy Sunday from two weeks ago.  This is my absolute favorite outfit.  I love this skirt so much.  It has a hint of sparkle ( cause I AM the sparkle girl), and it is long to the floor and very swishy.  It's a beautiful color and it's comfy.  I feel so pretty when I wear this skirt.  And although my boys make fun of me...they have now adopted the Sunday is Kekoa...I call him my style boy...he is really growing into a handsome young man and he loves to look good.  I am so happy about that...a boy that wants to look good...amazing!!  He is fourteen...a freshman and a sweet young man.  His smile melts my heart.....

This is my Kawika.  He is 9 and he is such a mama's boy.  He really loves the camera and is always trying to get in the shot.  He's our messy boy....when he eats you know it.  I love this kid!

This is Kalani and Kumaka.  My tenderheart boy and my sweet sweet love bug.  They ran out to get in the picture.  I loved that they wanted to be in Sunday Sassy.  Aren't my boys cute?

 Isn't this hairclip so pretty???  Summer at Made by Munchies Mama made it.  I LOVE IT!  Cute necklace too, right?  You'll never guess.....Cookie Lee.  Love their jewelry.  These shoes were the best find ever...super comfy....after summer Kohls....less than twenty dollars and they are Vera Wang.  They are so pretty and match perfect.  I really struggled trying to find shoes to go with this skirt...I didn't wear the skirt for four months.  It took that long.  I love the final result!

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  1. cute! and the court of honor was really nice... good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo


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