Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What REALLY happens after five kids...to your BLADDER!!!!!


Dear Life,

REALLY????  REALLY????  So no one tells you that your feet grow and get wider (hellooooo Fred Flinstone feet).  That I can handle.  I had a very cute 81/2 sized foot...and now I have size 11 feet and no they don't really fit into cute strappy shoes.

BUT NO ONE TOLD ME HOW IMPORTANT KEGELS WERE.  Well....I take that back.  The doctors and nurses told me to work on my kegel exercises.  At 21 years old....I didn't really get how important that advice would be.  I didn't really understand what the heck a Kegel is.  Fast forward 17 years and five kids later.  I'm going to try to be delicate about this.  Hmmm....lets just say when mama's got to go...mama's got to go.  No joke!  Everyone in my family knows...when mommy gets home mommy goes first.  And she probably went five times while she was out too.  Yes...I went before I left.  So....where am I going with this?  This is the year that I am going to take care of myself.  I cannot be a good mom and care for my kids and my husband if I don't take care of me.  I made an appointment with the Gyno/Uro specialist.  There is such a thing.  She was a nice lady,  and she did some really strange tests....and sat me down and said I have both kinds of incontinence. Stress incontinence and Overactive Bladder.  GREAT.  Big feet and a useless bladder.  What the heck?  So what do I do about this problem?  Well...I could go straight to granny panties and diapers.  NOT.  There is a medication I can take Detrol LA for the Overactive Bladder.  That's not the problem.  It's the stress incontinence.....I can use pelvic floor muscle training ....you heard it right...PT and biofeedback for my pelvic floor.  HMMMM....not so sure about that; have surgery for a bladder sling; or using a pessary (I'll let you all look it up....just to save a LITTLE face LOL).  Oh yeah...one other thing......I need to lose weight.  That is a HUGE part of it (pun intended).

What did I learn today?  Lose weight....and figure out how to do Kegels properly.  Fun times.

From....A Mom of Boys!


  1. well, this happened to me during the pregnancy of #4. I now have 6. I too need to do the same. Lose weight and when I'm sure we want no more kids, I need to have surgery. It's very annoying. I hate having to go pee all the time. Good luck with yours. :)

  2. Salena...thanks for making me NOT embarrassed to post this....it's crazy and I think it sucks....and it's slightly funny in a real life you gotta laugh or you would cry kinda way. ((hugs))

  3. I pee my pants ALL the time, and I only had three! Gunny sack race at the Memorial Day picnic? Not such a great idea, FYI :)

  4. I pee myself when I sneeze. It's all just part of getting old(er) I figure. :) I also now suffer from frequent heartburn, need to see the chiropractor weekly for my shoulder, am growing gray hair, have yellow teeth, the list goes on and on. :) Love your honesty!

  5. Well, I've already told you I can't jump on a trampoline! Pee myself every time even with little jumps! I guess when I had my ablation, I should have just let them give me the bladder sling like the nurse with the wrong paperwork wanted to do! Anywho, I'm right there with you... big size 10's and peeing myself (and don't forget my hernia!) We should all get together and go to a comedy club! :)


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