Friday, January 6, 2012

A quick little note

Dear Life,

So remember that number?  305??? Yeah...that one.  My husband and I have decided to eat healthier....and go vegan. sounds harder than anything else people do.  But, my husband is on board doing it with me (and he's a better cook LOL) and he is an amazing support.  He actually was vegan for a year...and he lost 40 pounds and looked and felt great.  I will share my menu's with you all...but for now here is breaking news....I weighed myself today (and today I really planned for my life change...I was doing things differently over the last few weeks....but not consistently (holidays and birthdays eek) 295.7.  Yes...I think that means I lost 10 pounds...can you imagine what that number will look like when I am being more serious?  Tomorrow I will post my excited!!!!

From....A mom of boys 


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