Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dog Paddling...also known as "Just Keep Swimming"

Dear Life...

I have not recovered from Christmas....this is what our family looks's awesome!

December 24, 2011

I think life has put everything on hold for me....My oldest son Keoni is having his Boy Scout Eagle Court of Honor next Saturday.  I am making him a I feel like until all of that is done I cannot be blogwoman.  I miss you all.....but I will be back in full force as soon as I am able.  I feel a little like I am dog paddling in the deep end a little....but I might get to the shallow end soon enough!!  Hope your holidays were wonderful....and your New Year has started off with a BANG!

From...A Mom of Boys!!!

PS....remember that very large number???  Well I'm sure it's still there but I have a plan...I'll tell you as soon as I get to the shallow....

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