Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Christmas birthday and a Christmas blessing

Dear Life,

Today I have been flashing back to five years ago when Kumaka was born.  I am AMAZED at him...and all he does.  He works so hard to do the things we all take for granted.  I could never have a clue how much of an impact he would have on so many people.  I love him.

Now on to the Christmas blessing.  I watch two of the most adorable little boys ever.  Gavin is two and Dillan is eight months old.  They are so sweet and loving.  Gavin just cuddled with me all day today!  Today when their daddy came to get them he gave me a card.  In it was a sweet card and gift cards for amazon and a visa gift card.  The note said instead of them getting something for my boys they wanted to help Santa.  Tears were in my eyes as I read this...because we all know how much things cost.  My boys don't ask for a lot, but sometimes (as in this year) the things they really want are not very inexpensive.  The amount in the card is almost exactly enough for the gift my nine year old wants.  What a blessing that was.  I am so grateful to them for this...it was completely unexpected and I am so excited to see my boys eyes when he unwraps his gift. He's going to be so happy.

From...A Mom of Boys


  1. It's amazing how God always sends us what we need! Hope you guys had a great Christmas!


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