Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Social Media has changed my life

Dear Life,

Social Media has change my life.  Mostly for the better.  Not only do I get to write to my heart's content and pretend like it really matters to someone (wink), but when I need an encouraging word, someone is always there; someone always comments, likes a comment I write, texts me, or calls me.  I am not alone.  People care about other people, a lot of people that are my long term friends and family, but some people I have never met face to face.  Some people regularly check on my family.....pray for my family...think about my family...social media has made the world smaller.
 I love my friends. I appreciate my friends.  I appreciate the goodness in the social media world. 

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  1. And I love that social media introduced us! You guys are so special to my heart and we have never even met!

    PS.... keep your eyes on the mail... Nat and Audrey sent something to the Kumaka man! ;)

  2. I totally agree with you and am so glad we "met" here as well!! XOXO


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