Thursday, April 26, 2012

There's a reason for everything, right?

Dear Life,

I am a firm believer in the "there's a reason for everything" mentality.  But let me tell you, I am not entirely sure how it's even possible there is a reason that my five year old breaks his femur after being in a cast from his hips to his toes for two months
 and not moving even after it was removed for three more weeks. 


I felt so horrible for him.
His leg was broken for about three days before I figured it out. (he has no sensation below his waist)
I took him to the ER..... read HERE about that visit
We stayed in the hospital til Monday....
And came home with this:
(Notice the surgical hat?  He HAD to have one...he called it his party hat....then he rolled his eyes and would dance around....and then he made ME wear the party hat as we left the hospital...only Kumaka would call a SURGICAL hat a party equals party in his book LOL)

 The one thing I have noticed through it all is when I am just sick that this sweet boy has to deal with one more setback, he is still smiling.  He has not complained once about having this cast.  He hasn't even mentioned it actually.  I breaks my heart, but he acts like it's part of the drill.  He doesn't know the difference.  This is the face of an angel I say....I stress....he smiles.  I need to remember that if he doesn't complain then I don't need to stress.  I am learning every day from my five year old boy.


  1. He is a sweet blessing and reminder of how great God is. I see it in Aleshanee, she is our reminder. When we see glimpses of brilliance from her or she teaches us about patience and still loves us when we blow it... I know she's our for a reason. xoxo


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