Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tender Mercy

Dear Life,

We have had a really challenging year so far.  You can 

read about it here.  

But through all of the challenges we have had so 

many tender mercies.  People have shown our family 

so much love, we have been on the receiving end of

many tender mercies. 

     "Each of us can have eyes to see 

clearly and ears to hear distinctly the 

tender mercies of the Lord as they

strengthen and assist us in these latter     


David A. Bednar
The Tender Mercies of the Lord
General Conference  April 2005

Each day I have learned to recognize and appreciate

the good in the day.  If I didn't focus on whatever I 

could that was good or positive I think I would have 

lost my mind.  It helps me to just deal with what I 

have to deal with and not cry.  

It does NOT help me with my laundry.  Darn!

Last week I was able to unwittingly give someone else

a tender mercy.  

I took Kumaka to the doctor for his

UTI, and as I was talking with her, she was sharing 

some things in her life that were challenging right

now (we are good like that....she knows the good

bad and ugly about me....and she was having a really 

hard day so she just came in and unloaded).  

I shared a couple of experiences I had that were 

challenges similar to hers.  

Words came into my mind unbidden to share with her; 

the most important of which were this:

Continue to pray.  Continue to read the 

scriptures...even if it's just a small amount...every day

find the time to read and find comfort in them.She

hugged me and then she took sweet care of my baby

boy like usual. When she came in to check on him

before we left, she hugged  me, said she prayed in her 

office right after she left the room and felt better.  She 

told me that she really needed me today.  


I'm going to the doctor because my baby is sick and I

get to help someone???

And all I could think of was God knows what he is 


Then yesterday I had to take Kumaka back to see her 

because he was not getting better.  I had my husband 

with me.  As we left, she looks at him, and says your 

wife really helped me last week.  I love her.  And she 

hugged me forever.  She said it really helped and she 

could tell a difference.

     "As we emulate His perfect example, 

our hands can become His hands; our 

eyes, His eyes; our heart, His heart.....

This is the spirit of compassion: that we 

love others as ourselves, seek their 

happiness, and do unto them as we hope 

they would do unto us."

Dieter F. Uchtdorf
You Are My Hands
General Conference April 2010

It made me feel so good to help someone...even though I was going to see her so she could help me.  It really amazed me and made me think that I really need to be aware of what is going on around me.  It didn't take much for me to share some comforting words and give a hug..but it made a huge difference to her.  

I want to share this song with you...I love it!

Janice Kapp Perry

1. Tender mercies of the Lord
Come in quiet ways,
Not by mere coincidence,
But by heaven’s grace.
As we choose to follow Him
With full heart and soul,
We become His chosen ones
And tender mercies flow.
2. Tender mercies of the Lord
Come in times of need.
Gifts of faith and confidence
Fill us as we plead.
Words of guidance, hope, and peace
Help us feel God’s love.
By our faith, His mercies come
Like manna from above.
3. Tender mercies of the Lord
Come as we repent.
Sweet forgiveness, peace of mind
Follow, heaven-sent.
Faithfulness, obedience
Help us to discern.
Blessings sweet and personal
For which our spirits yearn.
4. Tender mercies of the Lord
Comfort us and guide.
In His time and in His way,
We receive His light.
As we yield our will to His,
Blessings freely flow.
We partake of love divine
Thru mercies He bestows.


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