Monday, May 21, 2012

What would you like to know?

Dear Life,

So.....What five things would you like to know about me?

I will tell you five things.  Then you can ask away.  Don't be shy.  :)

1.  Were you trying for a girl?

THESE BOYS ARE MY LIFE....and we weren't necessarily trying for a girl...but I LOVE a little sparkle....a little I would have loved a girl.  
No we didn't try...but I'm not gonna lie that I didn't have sad moments at times.

2.  Where are you from?

It looks best from the hills....when it's not a hot, smoggy day.  I am from the San Fernando Valley...also known as "The Valley"...and as a teen growing up in the eighties I said "like" (and still do on occasion).  I'm not there anymore...I love where I live now....minutes from the beach is not a hard place to be.

3.  What are you afraid of?
It's crazy that I am a big old baby...totally afraid of the dark.  Sometimes I RUN from the car to the house.  I almost feel something icky in the dark. lie...and please don't tell my kids...they will try to scare me on purpose!

4.  Where did you meet your husband?
Funny this story.  Short version....I drove 45 minutes with my gal pals...he drove 45 minutes with his guys...we all danced together and he and I exchanged numbers and became really good friends.  And then we dated.  And the rest is history!  God knew what he was doing...and for that I am thankful!

5.  When you grow up what do you want to be?

See that beautiful woman up there?  You know...the famous super model?  Yeah...I wanted to be her!   I used to dream and dream that I would be a model.  Well...I did a few things and realized I liked to wear clothes.  End of that dream.
Now...I love words.  I love reading.  And I really want to write.  More than anything.  I don't totally believe in myself I my blog...and pray that one day I will have enough courage to go for take the necessary steps to go all the way.  

Feel free to ask me more questions...or share five things about you!!!!

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  1. you can take the girl out of the valley but ya can't take the valley outta the girl ;) it's like oh my gaaaawd, totally tubular dude!!!! ;)


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