Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spina Bifida Awareness Day 18 - Nevaeh's Story

Dear Life,

I met this adorable mommy on a support group for SB.  Her little princess is so adorable and I am happy to share a little about is Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards)...

Nevaeh was born April 2009 -

I found out when I was 5 months pregnant that she would have Spina Bifida.   We went in to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl. 

 They ended up telling us the baby had SB. We had very mixed emotions... what is SB? did this happen? ...was it my fault? etc...I went in for another sonogram to confirm and get another doctor opinion and they confirmed.  They asked if we knew the sex told us she was a GIRL then gave us the option to terminate. I felt cornered by the doctor and my mom who was in the room I stood up and said no I don't believe in abortion. They explained it was called termination not abortion... but either way I could feel my baby girl inside of me and  I could never "kill her".  People question our ability to be parents due to our age because we are 21; they said she wouldn't have a normal life;  there would be many complications.  

*fast forward* 

Nevaeh is 3yrs old.  She is the most happy and  outgoing child I've ever met.  She has changed us by making us realize the VALUE of life! She has had one surgery at birth to close her spine and she has NO shunt! Though she cannot walk yet, she still gets around!  There is  no holding this child back!  She is the smartest child in her class and we are so very thankful.   I know we are some pretty darn awesome parents as well 

*God does not choose the qualified  he chooses the willing and qualifies them*

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