Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sexiest Man Alive

Dear Life,

People's what people are talking about.  Who wouldn't want to pore over a magazine with a whole lot of hunky men in it?  But Channing Tatum, although you are a great looking man, I have to disagree with People Magazine.

19 years ago I met this amazingly good looking man. 

 One of the things I really loved about him was how kind he was.  He was a gentleman.  He didn't objectify me.  He was my friend.  We had a great time being together, having fun.  We both liked other people....but over time I started to have a crush on him.  So....I decided to make a bet with him.  Our bet?  I wouldn't call the boy I was "dating" (cause he just wasn't that into me) and he wouldn't call the girl he was "seeing" (cause she was just mean to him).  Whoever won would get an all expense paid for trip to Disneyland.  Well.....I won.....and let me tell you something....I had never in my whole life been treated like a princess before until that day.  He bought my ticket to the park, he paid for my food the WHOLE day, he bought be a pretzel and a balloon.  And that night I kissed him for the first time.  He had my heart after that day.  

Over time, this man became my best friend.  He was so respectful to other people, so patient, so loving, so giving.  How do you not fall in love with that? 

 Eventually he became my husband.  He became an amazing father of a boy....and then another boy....and another boy....and another boy....and yet another boy.  

He became a coach, a cub scout leader, a boy scout leader, and finally a caretaker.  He is loyal, faithful, and loving.  He works hard every day at work, and comes home and helps me with the household. 
 In his spare time he coaches basketball in the community and serves at our church.  He works on our cars, and sometimes the cars of our friends.   All of these things are the definition of the sexiest man alive.  So, sorry People Magazine...I beg to differ.

I am married to the sexiest man alive. 


  1. Tracy, this is sooooo sweet! I LOVE that you posted this today... he's a lucky man to have such a rockin' wife too!! You guys are a beautiful couple & an amazing family! xoxo

    1. Awwww...thanks Lena!! Hope all is well with you! :)


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