Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A break...and Sofi

Dear Life,

I woke up today to see Kumaka's right leg (the same leg he broke earlier this year) very swollen and warm to the touch.  Because he just came out of a cast, I was thinking maybe he had some sort of infection.  I made some phone calls trying to figure out where to take him, and finally decided to take him to the emergency room.  As I was driving to the hospital, I started to think about Sofi.  I was thinking how I would go about doing this with two children with severe needs.  I was wondering if I could take the stress of two children having to go to the emergency room for various things.  As I was searching in my heart...and really honestly contemplating these things...I thought about the reason I was stressed.  I was stressed because I love Kumaka so much, and it makes me so sad that he has to go through these things.  I don't ever begrudge my time going to the doctor or the hospital...it's just part of life.  I would do any of these things for ALL of my children.  Then I thought about Sofi.  Sweet Sofi....I would do any of these things gratefully for her too.  The thought came to me....she's alone.  All alone.  Yes there are workers at the orphanage, but none of them love her or care about her well being.  They make sure her very BASIC needs are met and that's it.  No one snuggles with her, or holds her hand.  No one strokes her hair and wipes her tears.  No one reads her books or sings her songs.  No one goes out of their way to give her anything extra.  That breaks my heart.  Of course I will do these things for Sofi...and I will do them gladly...grateful for her sweet spirit in our family.  Oh...and Kumaka has a broken leg.  Again.  Awesome. 

There are some wonderful people doing wonderful things to help Sofi....there are so many ways...please take a moment....look at the fundraisers....and if any appeal to you...please consider buying from one of these lovely friends trying to help bring home Sofi.  We are at 11% of our fundraising goals.  That is HUGE.  And it couldn't happen without all of you! :)  We only need 400 more dollars to be able to pay for our total homestudy.  That is HUGE..once it's paid for and completed we are that much closer to bringing home Sofi.  Please consider helping us reach our goals for Thanksgiving.  

My friend Sara is doing this:

Make a purchase at babysnazz.com using coupon code


SAVE 25% off your order

+ 25% of the proceeds go to 

bring Sofi Rose home!

coupon valid until 12/31/12


Tracy Wells and her family created a store called  ALL MY HEART AND SPINE.  They started it to raise money for their walk and roll.  
Nov 15 thru Dec 1st, All My Heart and Spine is going to give profits from all sales to the Jensen family to help bring Sofi Rose home.  


Amy, Kumaka's Wish Grantor (we call her wish fairy) from Make a Wish is a Creative Memories consultant and is offering this great deal with her Creative  Memories Digital Cards:  
Creative Memories cards are on sale 20% off until
 January 1. I am donating 15
% of all my sales

 between now and January 1 to Tracy Alexander

 Jensen to help bring Sofi Rose home. So you can get 

your beautiful christmas cards done, save money, 

and help the Jensen's. If you want to place an order, contact me or use my consultant number (12471736)

My friend Kathy is having a Thirty One Gifts party for Sofi.

 Remember that for every $35 you spend, you can order an exclusive Medium Utility Tote for just $5 - and for every Medium Utility Tote sold, Thirty-One will donate a Thermal Tote to Operation Homefront!  get to your party by Thirty One Gifts  then "locate my consultant" - my number is 176823


Our normal 5 dollar Tuesdays (tomorrow).  We try to get as many people to donate at least five dollars.   Pack your lunch tomorrow....skip your latte.....don't buy your favorite treat....and donate it on Sofi's YouCaring Page.   It's been incredibly successful...and it's proof that just a small amount can make a huge difference.  


Last but not least....David from Mimi's Jewelry in Fountain Valley is in the process of creating a diamond pendant I have fondly named "Sofi's Heart".  It will be worth $1800.  
It will be white gold with diamonds on the bigger heart and rose gold with pink sapphires for smaller heart.  It's going to be gorgeous!!  The raffle tickets are $10 each and the raffle will be going on until February.  What a great valentines gift~  Diamond Fundraiser


  1. oh Tracy I am constantly amazed and inspired by all that you do as a mommy! You have a HUGE heart and Sofi will be so lucky to call you "Mama!" p.s. you will have to change the name of your blog... :) LOL love ya

    1. Dearest Shari,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Taking ideas for the blog.....gah...this one was hard enough to come up with...and it has to be sort of the same..... and one princess??? I don't know~ Love ya too~


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