Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Musings

Dear Life,

As I was in the hospital this weekend I was thinking a lot about Sofi.  

As I sat there I was SO grateful for Kumaka's AMAZING orthopedic surgeon who came to the hospital on Friday (Black know...a four day weekend fora lot of surgeons) just to operate on Kumaka.  Just a few hours to work on MY BOY...that is not least not in our past medical experience.When he was out, and put in his room, we received excellent care.  They were going to put him in a shared room, but when I asked nicely, they put him in his own room.  They were so courteous, and so conscientious and LOVING to my little man.  Not only that, but when I was stressed at one in the morning because he was hurting, the nurse asked me if she could get me anything.  When I said "Not unless you can find some ice cream" (totally kidding by the way)...she said I will bring you chocolate and vanilla.  WOW, right?  While I pondered all of this on Saturday, watching my boy happily playing the Wii, watching his favorite shows, and playing games, I thought about Sofi.  I thought about the care she is NOT getting right now....and that no one is there...spending the night with her when she is hurting.  I thought about nurses doing bare minimums because that is the way it is there.  Then I thought about the nurse's tech who came in every so often, with his super hero shirt and his happy demeanor doing whatever he could to make Kumaka happy and I was sad for Sofi.  Sad that for three years she's known such a solitary existence.  Even though there are other children there, she is in a crib most of the day because she can't walk.  I thought about Kumaka's many years of physical therapy, of the AFO's he's received (a pair a year since he was less than a year old), his wheelchair, his walking equipment, his hand bike, the adaptive sports he will be doing, and I realized how very blessed he is.  And how blessed Sofi will be when she gets here.  She will be cared for and loved by so many....not just our friends and family but also the staff at CHOC, the community who have rallied behind her....everyone.  She will get a wheelchair, AFO's, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech to help her reach milestones. She will not be confined to a crib anymore.  She will see the beach, the park, Disneyland, she will go to church, and of course she will wear pretty dresses and bows (couldn't help putting that in).   

This morning, Kumaka woke up crying.  When we asked him  why he was crying he told us he had a dream that he had a new daddy.  Stuart held him and told him that he loved him and he would always be his daddy.  I asked him what happened in his dream when I realized what prompted the dream.  He asked me where Sofi's parents were a few days ago.  I told him her parents took her to the orphanage, so she needs new parents to take care of her, love her, and be her forever family.  That must have really stuck in his head.  So we explained that we would never leave him, that we love him so much...and that is why we want to bring Sofi help her have a mommy and daddy too.  That made him happy.  

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