Saturday, December 15, 2012

Walk with me

Dear Life,

Today I woke up to heartbreak.  My husband called me to tell me that a man went into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut and started opening fire.  27 people died from this tragedy today.  20 of those were young children.  There are no words to even describe the horror of our nation today.  There are no words to describe what the parents of those children must be feeling.  All day I read about sadness, anger, and fear.  As I prayed, I felt a strong impression to keep my heart focused on our Savior.  There is nothing that could make anyone feel better about today. But I know that as we grieve, so also does God.  He cannot take away agency from someone, but He CAN comfort.  As we cry for these children, pray for these parents, and bring our own children closer to our hearts, we must all come together, regardless of our various beliefs, and be kind to each other.  I saw this picture of Christ from one of my favorite paintings and these words were attached to it.  I found it very fitting.


“Walk with me,” I heard him say,
“Walk with me awhile today. ”

“Talk with me,” I heard him speak,
“Talk with me of the things you think.”

Share with me the things you feel,
Share with me so you can heal.

Cry with me through your heartbreaks,
Cry with me when your soul aches.

Look with me, a new sunrise!
Look with me through opened eyes.

See with me the world anew,
See with me my point of view.

Laugh with me in pure delight,
Laugh with me it’s all alright!

Sing with me as we stroll along,
Sing with me I love your song.

Learn with me your wondrous story,
Learn with me your prior glory.

Know with me just who you are,
Know with me we’ve traveled far.

Create with me and dreams come true,
Create with me I create through you!

Walk with me on Heaven’s shore,
Walk with me forever more!

Greg Olsen - 2007

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