Monday, January 7, 2013

The deets

Dear Life,

I want to share an update as to where we are in our adoption process.  (If you want to know more about our adoption read HERE and HERE and HERE) It's kind of listy...that way it's easy for ME to check off when things are done.  Cause checking things off is the BEST!!!!

Fundraising things are here:  
We have a Scentsy party going on, a MAJOR shoe drive going on (So far we have 1376 pairs of shoes....and the shoes keep on coming.  I have no doubt we will be able to collect our goal of 5000 pairs and earn $3500 dollars towards our Agency Fee.  :)  We are blessed to be able to have a Pizza Party at our local Lamppost Pizza place...and they are so generous in donating 30% of sales for the day to help us.  Mimi's Jewelry has the pendant raffle tickets going on until February 6th.

Below you can see what we have done, what is partially done and what still needs to be done.    

Fundraising is hard....but we have seen miracles...  miracles that teach us over and over that God is helping us...this is God's work we are doing...and He will provide.  We have people bringing us shoes from at least 50 cities all over the United States.  People care.  People want to help bring our Sofi home.  People are good.  It has been so heartwarming to hear how our little shoe drive is affecting not only us, but those helping us raise shoes.  It's truly been amazing. 

One day two weeks ago we received two anonymous for $250 and the other for $1000.  I have no words to even match that kind of giving.  Last week a dear friend sent $200.  I texted her to thank her for her continual support and love.  She told me that someone had sent her money for Christmas to buy a coat...and instead she's helping bring Sofi home.  I cried. Not to mention Joanna's Sessions for Sofi...she sent us over $1000 as well.   So many moments of LOVE....and generosity.  We are so blessed to witness such examples of wonderful people sharing what they have and for their sweet belief in what we are doing.

Below is all we are needing to pay for and below that is the check off list we are working on for the Homestudy.  Checking things off is awesome!  We are having a major house painting party on January 19th, and we our social worker is coming to the house the following Saturday.  So excited to be able to report progress!  PRAYING SOFI STAYS HEALTHY AND COMES HOME THIS YEAR!

PROGRAM FEES PAID TO our adoption agency in the US

Application Fee $700 (PAID $700)
Agency Fee $6500 (PAID $150) Owe 6350
P.A.R. (Refundable) Deposit – $500


$1000 EUR due at match, (Received $1000 EUR grant from country agency)  
1000 EUR (Received $1000 deduction from country agency) due at dossier submission, 
4000 EUR due prior to 1 st trip, (Received 1000 EUR deduction from country agency) Owe 3000 EUR
2000 EUR due prior to 2nd trip 

Additional Expenses incurred by family:


Home Study Estimate $2250 (PAID $2250)
Post-adoption/Post-placement Report Estimate (requirements and cost varies from state to state) ($300-$1000)
Adoption Education Internet Courses ($30-$50 each)
CIS Filing fee $720
Fingerprint Charge (3 @ 85 each ) (PAID 2 @ $175)
Passports (2 @ $170 each) (PAID $340)
Document notarization (cost varies) – estimate only $500


2 Trips - Round Trip airfare for 2 adults (@ approx $1000-$1500 per person, per trip) estimate
only $4000 +
Child’s one-way airfare (cost varies, estimate only) $500 +

IN-COUNTRY EXPENSES/FEES: Estimates will increase due to daily exchange rate for USD to EUR

Lodging and meals (2 people – 5-7 nights each trip) – estimate only $100 - $200/night $1000+
Medical for child’s Visa – estimate only $100
Child’s U.S. Visa $230
Incidentals (amount varies depending on family desires and tastes) varies

Angels’ Haven Application

Homestudy Fee Agreement

Adoptive Parent Information forms (one for each parent)

Education (10 hours)

Three Signed Releases

Employment Verification for each applicant 

Medical Reports for each applicant

Three Letters of References (No family members please)

FBI and DOJ/Child Abuse Clearances (For all household members 17 and over) (Approx $70-$85 each)

Home Verification Statement

Guardianship Statement

Copy of Birth Certificate for each applicant

Copy of Passport picture page with full names stated

Copy of Marriage Certificate

Divorce Decree (if applicable and certified)

Death Decree (if applicable and certified)

Certificates of completion of required on-line education

Financial Information Form

Most current Tax Return

School Report or report card if any children in the home

Medical form for any children in the home

Criminal Record Statement

Grievance Policies and Procedures

Waiver of Liability


  1. Praying you become "fully funded" soon! Garage sales where huge for us. People donated items, then their time to help organize and price, then helped us run them. You will get there! I can't wait till you can bring your little sweetie home!

    1. Thank you Jamie!!! Can't wait to see your sweetheart with you too! :)

  2. I can't wait to meet her. I can't wait to throw you a shower. I can't wait to hold her in my arms.
    I can't wait to see you holding her in your arms. I can't wait to see all of those crazy boys fussing over a tiny little girl. I can't wait to see a sweet little girl blessed to have an amazing mother. I can't wait my friend! Love you!


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