Saturday, February 23, 2013

He's a natural

Dear Life,

Today Kumaka started with his basketball league. 

He is the youngest on the team.  But he is amazing to watch.  HE HAS NO FEAR.  He was playing with high school kids who are very physical...and he held his own.  

He called for the ball, he tried to steal the ball (multiple times), he figured out how to pick up the ball from the ground, and he had a blast. 

It's like he was made to play.  I laughed out loud so many times watching him.  It was a joyous moment.  
I saw him loving every moment of it. 
I saw him doing what his brother does. 
I saw him playing with the big kids and owning his ability.
It was something to see.

I thought about those dark days...the days of uncertainty.  The days when we only heard doctors voices...and had no idea what to expect.  No one told us that we would see something as fantastic as my son saying "Hey wanna go play?" to high school kids. 

 No one told us that he would literally dance when finding out he was going to get to play.  No one told us that he would light up our life with his smile.

If only the doctors could have said "You know, we don't have any guarantees ..but check out this family's this family...see what is available in your area," instead of scaring us.  So grateful to programs like Rancho Los Amigos Wheelchair Sports who treat kids in wheelchairs like kids....and teach them sportsmanship, independence, and love for the game.  

Today was a was another miracle.

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