Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Learning to "Carve the 'Dis' out of Disability"

Dear Life,

I've been sitting here contemplating the amount of blessing our family has received.  I've been contemplating how very lucky Kumaka live in the United have a family who loves him, supports him, provides opportunities that are not typical....and BELIEVES that HE CAN DO ANYTHING.  Not only that, but wonderful people have come forward and provide amazing and life changing  experiences.  

Last year at this time, Kumaka was in a cast.  A HUGE cast.

A very special young man came to visit Kumaka. 
I'm not really sure what compelled Aaron "Wheelz" to drive over, but that was the beginning of life changing events for Kumaka.

We've been fans of "Wheelz" since Kumaka was a baby.
He has always been an example of doing what you love...and not allowing anything to stand in your way.
I mean...really...check this out:

How could that not be inspiring?
And then yet another inspiring person contacted us.
Christiaan Bailey has become a family friend...and another huge example to Kumaka.
Christiaan lives life his way....has fun doing it...and even more important believes in the "groms" as he calls Kumaka.

This week he brought Kumaka a BoxDesigns WCMX team chair and patiently taught him how to balance. (He has to learn this because this chair has no brakes and no anti when he does wheelies he has to balance or he will tip over...and yes it's already happened LOL...hence the helmet!)

Christiaan was on his way to New Zealand,  but he spent almost an hour with our little man.

Providing Kumaka with a new way to look at his chair.
In his words: "I hope this is a turning point for him...looking at his chair as a fun toy instead of a restrictive tank he has to use".

That is more valuable a lesson than anything Kumaka could learn in school.
Showing Kumaka that HE defines who he is...not his disability...not a surgery...not a broken bone. 

He has healed from last year....the year of casts and surgeries.
And now his spirit is healing.
I can't wait to see what he will do.

And I feel so blessed to have these opportunities for him.
This summer Kumaka has been invited by OceanHealing Group to go to Costa Rica.

This will be an amazing week....of learning to surf, zip lining, fishing, quad riding, snorkeling, horseback riding, among others.
It will show him that he does not have limits.
He will leave his chair behind him....and see the world in a new way.

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