Monday, January 13, 2014

Jensen Ohana, Party of Eight

Dear Life,

It's official! 

Asya Sofi Rose Leilani Jensen is our daughter!!!!


I have been flooded with emotions and people congratulating us on this amazing, and LONG AWAITED  event.  I am truly humbled and amazed by the sheer amount of people that have followed Sofi's story and have helped in some way.

I was thinking about Sofi, and some of the common things that have been said...that we are amazing....that she is so lucky....etc.

We are not amazing, we are just a mom and a dad that believe that no child should be an orphan. 

She is not lucky...she's a survivor....and we are the lucky ones.

Because of her, our eyes have been opened to the heartbreak of the plight of orphans... all over the world.  

Because of her, we have a daughter.
An amazing, beautiful, resilient daughter.

Because of her, the boys have a sister.
A princess in a house full of boys.

We are the lucky ones. 

And because of you we got this far.

Because of people literally all over the world an orphan has a family.
She will be an orphan no more.
Because you shared your love, our story, your prayers, your shoes, your faith, your dollars....our Sofi will come home.
She won't be left in an orphanage.
She won't die.

Now we are planning our pickup trip.

Now we are planning a changed life;
A changed family.

We are so excited.
So grateful.

We are looking to travel to pick her up on February 14 (where we would actually get her on Monday, February 17).  We would be home again all together as a family on February 27th.  And her fifth birthday, ten days later will be celebrated with a family. 

No longer alone.

This road was long.
There were many roadblocks.

All of those that have helped us tear down those road blocks...thank you.

We currently have two weeks left to collect as much used clothing, and shoes as possible to raise the money for her airfare, and her exit medicals.  We are begging all of you to help us in the final stretch.  If you have cleaned your closets, and you are in Southern California, we will come and get your stuff.  If you are out of state, but you still want to contribute to bring our girl home, you can go on our GoFundMe account.  There is no small amount. 

There are no words...thank you is so insignificant.

A child in another country is now our daughter.

A child that was left abandoned.

A child that has had no voice for four years now has a mommy, daddy, and five big brothers.

Her story is your story.

You are the reason she is coming home.

Thank you.



  1. We are so happy for all of you! Can't wait to meet Princess Sofi!!!! xoxo

  2. The word miracle always comes to mind when I think of you and Sofi. May you have many more together!

  3. Happy Valentines day to you!!! Your post made me cry I have been following the story for I think its been 2years now!?!?!? Wow thats a commitment CONGRADULATIONS a very heart warming emotional glad you are FINALLY bringing her home!!! ♡♡♡

  4. What a sweet precious adorable blessing.

    God bless



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