Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Asya's Story part 1

Meet Asya.

Asya was born to a teenage mom March 3, 2009. 
She was given up for adoption immediately. 
She had no one to be her voice. 
No one to advocate for her.
No one cared.  

She was born with a lesion in her brain that had to be closed at birth.
She had no mother waiting to hear how the surgery went. 
She had no father to quiet her scared cries.
She had seizures for the first five days of birth.
Her brain was basically shorting out on her.
Her head grew larger and larger until the fifth day when the doctors performed a brain puncture to drain fluid. 
Her terrified cries of pain and fear were left unanswered.  
She stayed in the hospital all alone for 9 days.
Until she went into the orphanage.
Then she stayed in a bassinet  for three years.  
No one held her, took her out, played with her, nurtured her.
No one even hung a mobile over her bassinet.

Her legs and arms stiffened from lack of use.
She was force bottle fed because she had a swallowing problem.
She had failure to thrive.

And yet somehow she survived that hell to be transferred to another, smaller orphanage. 

Continued tomorrow....


  1. Oh but to see the happiness in her eyes now and that smile you would never know that was her life. Your family continues to bring out the best in Sofi and I can't wait to see all she does in this world because of YOU.

    1. Thank you for your continued support Chelsea.


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