Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Asya's Story Part 2

Asya's Story Part 2
(You can see Asya's Story Part 1 HERE)

Asya was moved to a smaller orphanage in December, 2011.

When she was brought in, her body was as stiff as a board.
She didn't bend her arms or legs.
She didn't smile.
She was so small in stature it was unthinkable.

The director there and the staff worked hard to help Asya.
They took her out of the crib.
They sat her up in chairs.
They took her outside once in a awhile.

Eventually she was able to move a little.
And with the attention she received she started to smile.
But she was still voiceless.
She couldn't talk and not one family had asked to look at her file.

Until August, 2012.
When we asked about little girls with Spina Bifida.
And we were shown her photo.
And we fell in love.

In September 2012, we were matched by the Bulgarian government and started the adoption process.
In September 2012, we became her voice.

Stay tuned for Part 3


  1. You're killing me with the different parts, you draw me in and then it says stay tuned... Can't wait to read part 3 so excited!

  2. I finally have time to come back to your blog. I have a happy heart reading Asya's story. Can't wait to hear the rest. (((Hugs)))

    1. I'm glad you're back. Thank you for following our dear girl's story!


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