Friday, May 20, 2016

My warrior

Dear Life,

Our family has been dealing with mental health concerns for four years.
Over time, the concerns have gotten increasingly worse.
Last fall, everything came to a head.
Our boy was lost, his mind sort of splintered.
He started showing signs of psychosis.....seeing and hearing things that did not exist.
Our family was devastated as we watched our boy hurting so much.
There was nothing we could do to change what he was going through.
He couldn't go to school.
He couldn't play basketball.
He couldn't leave the house.
Luckily, our boy had a team.
A large team of people that cared about him.
They all circled around him even though he was not present to realize they were there.
A family.
A team.
School support.
Church support.
His therapist.
His team.

Slowly he lifted his head.
Slowly he started responding.
He would take a few steps forward....
And a few steps back.
He started taking more steps forward 
And less steps back.

He still has work to do.
He still has a team behind him.
And he is learning to muscle through the hard days.

Today marks 15 days of school in a row.  
A couple of the days were rough.
But he pushed through.
He's been to practice and weights everyday.
He's playing basketball.


He is a warrior.
He is my hero.

Mental Health Awareness matters.
Be kind.
Be aware of others.
Be a friend.
Love can conquer anything.

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  1. Dear Tracy and Jensen family.

    Over the years you have overcome so much. You and your family can and will continue to get through this difficult time. God has a plan for every person and maybe this was meant to happen for your son to show how resilient he can be, as well as a survivor. He is A SURVIVOR. Don't forget that. We love you and please let him know not to give up. With his support system, he will continue making strides and will continur to show people what a driving force he is.


    Taya Rebecca Burrows


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