Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Light over dark

Dear Life,

Sometimes life is just hard. 
Sometimes simple things like going to school or work or practice requires more effort than normal. 
Sometimes you wish you could just stop. 

Stop trying. 
Stop doing. 
Stop hurting. 

But you have no control over any of it. 
It rules your life. 
It tells you lies. 
It keeps you alone. 
It silences you when you need to talk the most. 
It keeps you in fear. 

Fear is a dark and dreary wasteland. 
To stay in this world, you have to push harder. 
Fake it. 
Every day. 
Until staying becomes reality. 
It's exhausting. 
But it's necessary. 
If you don't push away the lies, if you don't shine a light in the darkness, 
You would get swallowed up. 

Watching this battle, not being able to take it away, 
breaks my heart. 
Watching this battle makes me angry. 
Watching this battle gives me hope. 
Because there is a battle. 
There is a fight. 
And we will win. 
There is no other alternative. 

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  1. There is so much to say......and I wish I had the words....its a fight and always will be. By sharing this personal journey you are really helping others like me who just don't have the words, support, or skill to let the world know what the battle is like. It never ends. Hugs.


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