Saturday, October 1, 2016

Spina Bifida Strong

Dear Life,

Many of you know Kumaka's story.  
We were told at 19 weeks of pregnancy that we would have a child with multiple severe birth defects.
Spina Bifida.
Bilateral Club feet.
We were told his quality of life would be non existant.
We were told to terminate our pregnancy.

 We were never told what our son could do.
We were never given any hope.
We were scared, but we forged ahead.

The first three years were rough, Kumaka had multiple surgeries and hospitalizations.

And then he found Wheelz.
And watched backflips in wheelchairs every day.
When Wheelz came to visit him after the worst surgery he had, the beginning of a transition happened.

Next he met Otter, and was introduced to Box Wheelchairs.

When he received his first Box Wheelchair, his world was rocked!
He became so independent, so athletic, and so CRAZY!

Years later, he is dropping in 9 foot bowls at the skate park, surfing, playing wheelchair basketball, even trying monoskiing!  Nothing stops him, he tries everything!

He is not weak, he does not have a poor quality of life!
He is Spina Bifida Strong!

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