Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Proud Moment....and then a sad boy :(

Dear Life,

Thank you for today.  Today was an amazingly wonderful day.  The very first memory that I never want to forget is that of my four year old hearing me blast music so I can clean my house and racing to me wanting to dance.  I of course put out my arms, he slipped his adorable little arms around my neck and we danced cheek to cheek.  There is always housework....there will not always be sweet little arms around my neck.
I don't ever ever want to forget how fast he scurried when he heard the he climbed up in my lap I thought...well there goes the laundry....and the joy when cheek to cheek we moved back and forth to the music.  He is my baby....what I wouldn't do to keep him small.

The second thing that was amazingly wonderful was...drumroll please.....after 7 years of scouting, our oldest son is officially an Eagle Scout.  What an honor and privilege it is to say that.  I am so proud of is a very long road to haul and he has had his moments of ambivalence towards it.  The men on the board that interviewed him were so kind, and said really amazing things about him.  I hope he realizes what an amazing young man he is and what an amazing accomplishment this is.  Yay Keoni!

The sad part is that my freshman sang in his first choir perfomance....and we were unable to attend....because of the Board of Review.  He came home devastated.  Which put a damper on the good mood we were feeling.  I thought he understood....but he didn't.  And mama angst was going full force.  But a little later he came to me and we talked.  I apologized and told him how much I wanted to be there and if it wasn't such a monumental event I would have been there.  He forgave me....after much pleading and begging.  Oh yeah....and I promised him a one on one date.  So, thanks life for such an amazing day.  And thanks for the principle of forgiveness and the promise of a date with my boy.

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  1. Love dancing with the kiddos... and an AMAZING accomplishment for Keoni.. and dang it is HARD to balance when there are more than one kid! I hear you on that.... and in time pray your other son gets HOW BIG this was for Keoni and that is in NO WAY less important.

    Hugs to all!


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