Thursday, December 15, 2011

Buzz got jacked

Dear Life,

Today I had to go to the mall to get a refund. I had my cute little Kumaka with me. He lives the Disney Store. I promised we could check it out after I was done at Game Stop ( which is a whole different post....let's just say not a fan!!!). As I was finishing up I notice he's gone. It shouldn't be that hard to keep track of a four year old in a wheelchair right????? Wrong!!!! I went out of the store and a lady told me he went to the Disney Store. I should have known. I ran back inside GameStop to finish.... And in comes Kumaka with a Buzz Lightyear in his lap. four year old is a criminal. I took him back over there, replaced it and explained why we don't take things without paying. Fun times today at the mall. He cracks me up.

From...a Mom of Boys!!


  1. Hilarious, I stole a kitty purse from a store when I was little. I knew I liked that kid.

  2. aww.. When my 2 year old was about 18 mmonths he picked up a car from Toy store and only discovered when we were folding back the stroller into the car. Hubby had to run back to the store.

    your newest follower via the hop anad am I glad I found you.

  3. Maybe Buzz did it! I saw the movies ;-) He can fly....fall with style!

  4. lol. You have the cutest kids! I can't believe Kumaka is only four - seriously he has such a presence - such a soulful look in all your photos - that I presumed him way older than that. Just goes to show the strength and maturity our little heros can show. And while my heart overflows when I read the inspiring "perspective" stories we share about our children -I just love reading the the stories that show our kids are just that - kids. :) Glad to be finally following your ADORABLE blog now! I've read your posts on facebook before (and man girl do you blog quick You get a post out every other day it seems! How do you do it??) but now that I've been able to check back into the blogging world I'm happy to add your blog to my lists! God bless you and your adorable family. <3 Joanna


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