Monday, December 12, 2011

Cold Hands...Warm Hearts Swap

Dear Life,

I love swaps.  They are super fun and I participated in an awesome swap called Cold Hands Warm Hearts from Sandy and Illy....

I got my fun package today.

Not ONE pair of gloves but three!!!
And my Favorite colors too!!! :)

And don't you LOVE the polkadotted little bag..perfect for lipgloss and such!!!!
And not one, not two, but FOUR pairs of ADORABLE little earrings of assorted sweet colors.

And a fab book (Why yes, I AM the last person alive to read "The Help"...thank you Melissa for rectifying that situation LOL).  Check out the adorable paperclip bookmarks she made me... I LOVE them!!!!

Melissa at The Pleated Polkadot totally spoiled me!!!  I am so glad I participated....LOVE LOVE LOVE

From...A Mom of Boys

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  1. so glad you enjoyed it!! and just so you know you're not alone...i haven't read the help yet either!!


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