Sunday, December 4, 2011

Life trying to kick me when I'm down...

Dear Life,

So found out my weight....and decided to brave it out and post it so I can be accountable in black and white.
Then I went to the orthopedic surgeon with my little guy Kumaka and found out that he will need major surgery in February and be in a spica cast for a couple of months.  You can read more about it here.  I went to the ortho to talk about a different issue and felt completely blindsided.

The next day I got the flu.
Body aches.
This whole weekend I've had to lay a little low...when I thought I was feeling better I discovered I was still not quite right.

Then I realized that my oldest son's Eagle Court of Honor is in 6 weeks....and Christmas is in 21 days....and I'm now in full blown panic mode.

Put out a note on dear friend told me she could help with my invites...and my sis said she could help with the labels.
My computer has been making me want to hurl trying to make labels.
Taking deep breaths.
I can do this.
And I can start weight watchers.
And I can start working out.
And I can start taking care of me...



Would love to hear what you all do when Life tries to kick you...

From A Mom of Boys

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  1. When life kicks me I eat chocolate..... but that isn't the best solution right now!! How about sugar free chocolate? And working out sucks while you are doing it, but makes you feel great afterwards. You can do this... you know you can! You can't take care of 6 men if you are all worn down, so take care of you! This time next year you will be amazed at all you have accomplished! ♥ ya girl!


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