Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday Sassy

Dear Life,

I had to drag my rear end out of bed on Saturday....had to work.  Felt better...needed makeup but needed to be comfy.  Yes...I'm the big girl that shouldn't wear leggings.

Comfy won!

And my favorite favorite favorite accessory?

My Ugg Boots!  They are 10 years old and cozy and my fav.  My hubby got them for me long glad I didn't get the pink ones.  Yes I wanted them...I'll admit it.  Good thing he talked me down.

Love my necklace from Classy N Sassy.

Looking forward to wearing jeans when my waist size shrinks....for now I think I did pretty good!

From...A Mom of Boys!!


  1. You look great. I got my first pair of Uggs this year. My mom was buying a pair for S and decided to get me some too. Wow, they are so comfy. Love wearing them. Hang in there friend. I know life is throwing you some punches but you can do it! Sorry, that's all I got. :) I'm still learning how to do life (without hiding under the covers).

  2. These pictures of you are SOOOO pretty!!!!!

  3. Umm I wear leggings and UGGS all the time woman and I am bigger than you!


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